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"Must Communications have provided services to Omagh Enterprise for the past 10 years.


Their support involves managing and maintaining all aspects of our telecom installations. 

The skill-sets demonstrated by Must Communications has always met the expectations of Omagh Enterprise Company and they have always delivered what is required to schedule and on time. 

We are happy to recommend Must Communications to any business as they deliver an excellent level of customer service".


Nicholas O'Shiel 

Omagh Enterprise Company Ltd

"Woodvale Construction Company Ltd. has numerous buildings as part of their property portfolio. It is imperative that we work closely with our Contractors to offer a prompt, efficient response time if and when something goes wrong.

Must Communications react quickly and effortlessly when required.


I can highly recommend Must Communications for their thoroughness in all of our system installations and liaising with our network providers to provide seamless connectivity. Woodvale Construction Company has used Must Communications for several years and has been very pleased with every aspects of their work.”


Robert Ewing

General Manager
Woodvale Construction Company Ltd.


Omagh Enterprise
Woodvale Construction Company
Easteden Ltd Care Homes

"Easteden Ltd Care Homes strive to maintain all its properties to the highest standards possible. To ensure this we need the guarantee of back-up service industries who provide us with prompt and efficient service. Must Communications are one of the companies which we have used exclusively for over 10 years. We receive a level of service and commitment from both management and staff which is unparalleled. Without their excellent support we wouldn’t be able to function.


Must Communications not only support us as a business. We count them as our friends".


"We wish them every success in the future".


Dr. Brendan McDonald

Easteden Ltd Care Homes



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