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Smart IP Systems

Are you tired of paying through the roof for your business phone bill? Remove line rental charges with a cloud-based phone system & save up to 40% a month!

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Must Communication SIP Solutions

What is SIP?


SIP trunking is a service that connects your PBX telephone system to the PSTN with an IP network instead of an ISDN.


SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is the standard for VoIP (Voice-over-internet-protocol) services, enabling voice systems to be provided over the internet instead of over traditional telephone lines. This allows businesses to migrate from having different systems for their voice and data networks to having one that does both.


Trunking is a dedicated method of allowing different telephones to share a set number of lines.


With this knowledge and understanding of the basic features and benefits we're sure all our clients will install a SIP Line System. 


SIP trunk solutions are available via our business association with the UK's leading tier 1 longest and most established ISP and SIP trunk providers in the UK.


SIP DECT Single Base Unit Options
SIP DECT Wireless Multi Cell System
SIP Desktop Telephone Terminals

Reduce Costs


A SIP Line Solution from Must Communications will immediately reduce the cost of your calls and lower your line rental charges.

For more information on our low-cost SIP Line Solutions or any of the products and services we provide, contact us today for a no obligation quote. 


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